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2005 Summit

February 25-27, 2005
Visit the website at
www.2005summit.ca for more information.

Pacific Community Networks Association

Welcome to the new PCNA website! 
Industry Canada CAP SiteThe PCNA is an association of community networks, community access sites (CAP) and learning networks (CLN).   CAP (Community Access Project) is an Industry Canada initiative started in 1995.  In British Columbia/Yukon we have over 1000 CAP sites.  CLN (Community Learning Networks) is an initiative of Human Resources Development Canada. 
Contact us at 1-888-727-2226

Voice Over IP Project

Voice Over IP Project

The PCNA is proud to be pushing the envelope once again by providing all of the Network Coordinators with a VOIP phone.  Visit: http://voip.victoria.tc.ca/ for more information!



PCNA Message Boards

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PCNA Message Board


BC & Yukon Technicial Support Network

The fledgling support network forming at bcyk-tech.net is a tool to connect the voluntary sector (non-profit groups) with the technical support they need. Technical service providers like you, can register, develop your organizational profile and post your services for others to access.  There is an:

  • equipment exchange
  • calendar for IT workshops
  • question and answer board
  • resource library
  • places to post success stories and requests for proposals
  • mailing list server for IT related topics

While the services are available free, those registering technical services can negotiate their own fees directly with the non-profits they are serving.  So, if you have considered how to make your CAP site sustainable, you might consider how you can use this network to help transform your CAP site into an IT training and support centre.  We wil be publishing some successful models and stories to help guide you.

Ultimately, the training and support network is about helping non-profits to take advantage of IT, just like businesses have done, to achieve their strategic goals. It is your network to use or not and will gain value the more it is used. It is one of ten networks across Canada that will be connected with a national voluntary sector portal and funding initiatives supported by the Government of Canada as part of the Voluntary Sector Initiative. If you have any questions or would like further information please email imit@vcn.bc.ca.

The Association for Progressive Communications - Internet and ICTs for Social Justice and Development

ICT Policy: A Beginner's Handbook
APC/Ed. Chris Nicol, December 2003

APC's new book lays out the issues and dispenses with the jargon to encourage more people to get involved in information and communication technology (ICT) policy processes. This book is for people who feel that ICT policy is important but don't understand much about what is involved.Chapters cover basic questions such as "What are ICT and internet policies and why should we care about them?", studies markets and access, national ICT and internet policy and regulation and looks at specific issues in policy and regulation including privacy and security, cybercrime and gender and ICTs.

Click here to download the PDF version of the book.

Fast Track to Employment and the BC Technology Social Venture Partners invite you to join an innovative partnership of industry, employment trainers and businesses with a common goal. The goal? To build healthier communities by creating employment opportunities for the hard to employ and initiating targeted business growth.

Visit http://www.ftebusiness.org/ for more information.